Pentecostals in the Middle

I continue to struggle with a pentecostalism that is given to one of two extremes: unthinking emotionalism with zeal and an anything-goes stodgy critical liberalism. While the former is the more traditional manner among pentecostals, the latter is apparently more typically normative among those who are educated beyond the grad-level in Biblical studies. It is a strange thing to be exposed to these two extremes within a week in a setting among pentecostal leaders.

Where is the middle? Those who would be critical in their thinking about all things pentecostal (while holding to a conservative hermeneutic), but zealous and impassioned. I was thankful to encounter and interact with such middle pentecostals at both events (as well as to have such in my own congregation), but wonder…why aren’t THEY the ones who are leading the charge in the wider pentecostal circles?  Is there room for a middle pentecostal leadership that holds a place of priority among the wider pentecostal body or is there only room for the extremes (the one in the wider Church; the other in wider academia)?

In the end, I hope and pray I am a pentecostal disciple of Jesus that loves God with all my being and am faithful to His revelation in whatever circle of influence I find myself…

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  1. Hi Rick – I identify with you on this post! There is a middle and no you do not have to be on one extreme or the other! I think too, George O. Wood General Superintendent of the AG in the States is a great example of this middle ground – one who can think critically about the Scriptures and yet move in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is a great model for us all to follow. So is St Paul! And Jesus too! -Brian

  2. I would agree that George Wood seems to certainly be in the middle on this. I'm certainly delighted to have him as our current Superintendent. I find it difficult though within the broader movement to find many that fit within the middle…so I'm glad to have found your blog. Blessings brother!

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