The Hidden God Made Known

St. Basil the Great (one of the Cappadocian Fathers in his wonderful little book “On the Holy Spirit – ‘De Spiritu Sancto’) wisely wrote, “We confess that we know what is knowable of God and yet what we know reaches beyond our comprehension.” These are wise words to be remembered by those of us professing to speak as if we know God. Indeed we know God, but this is by the Scriptures — through the Spirit — through Christ. But we only know in part (as Paul says).

We would do well to do theological and pastoral work in light of this with all humility. God has truly revealed Himself and given Himself to us and for us in Christ, but yet we must never forget that we are still broken and awaiting our final redemption. Our knowledge is only in part. May we know Him as He is in Himself — Our Father in Christ by the Holy Spirit, but may we never think that we have fully understood this Great God who is hidden even in His revelation (think of Moses who was graciously permitted to “see” God, but only in passing), until He returns. Someday we will know Him as He is and that Day will be glorious…oh, for the Day of His Coming again when we will know Him in all his ineffabel Glory and Majesty! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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