The Judgment of God???

John Piper just posted an amazing (and controversial — but what’s new) blog. Just yesterday I was visiting with another minister about the ELCA convention that was meeting in Minneapolis to discuss the issue of homosexuality. I had voiced my heartbreak for the ELCA that has moved so far from her Lord that she would bless what God doesn’t, and declare righteous what God declares sinful. I have no angst against the ELCA, but only compassion that they might return to the Lord. It seems that at the very church (Central Lutheran) where this was going on at 2PM there was a freak tornado that tore through downtown Minneapolis and ended at Central Lutheran by destroying the steeple (where it suddenly lifted and was gone). John Piper’s blog gives some more details and what he believes may be the point of it all. We need to pray for the ELCA for repentance and righteousness.
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