Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe December is already here! Where have the last few months gone? We have been busy getting ready for our Church Christmas program (tomorrow night), which has been lots of fun! We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Gunderson house–and ate lots of food and had a great time. The following Monday, we welcomed a new niece to our family, as Jenn’s brother Jordan and his wife Amber had their first little one–a beautiful little girl named Katheryn Autumn.

Now today it is evident that December is here with Christmas right around the corner as it is SNOWING like crazy outside. We finally put our tree up yesterday, and now it seems so cozy in the house with the snow outside and all the colorful lights inside. However, the kids are not as patient with the thought of presents to come…how long do we have to wait???

I will hopefully have some pictures to post after our program tomorrow night. Love you all!

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